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Anal glands are an important part of your dog’s anatomy.

They produce the smells that help your dog introduce themselves to other dogs, mark their territory, and generally behave as a healthy and happy dog should.

These glands can become impacted and infected, however, if they are not cared for properly. Good diet, exercise, and regular inspection ensure that your dog never has to suffer an impacted or infected anal gland in their life.

Our anal gland treatment begins with an anal gland inspection.

If we see any problems, such as signs of impacted or infected glands, we will let you know so that you can take your dog to the veterinarian and have the problem treated.

If all your dog needs is to have their glands cleared of excess fluid, we will perform an anal gland expression to ensure that the fluids do not build up and cause problems in the future.

After the expression, your dog will enjoy a pet bath to get them feeling good again.

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